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Recent workshops & conferences

Fisheries Co-ops and Beyond: Realigning Fisheries Management

The Future of Alaska's Salmon Returns

Enhancing the Marketing and Quality of Alaska's Salmon Fisheries

2nd International Seafood Byproduct Conference

Options for Restructuring Alaska's Salmon Fisheries

Charting New Courses for Alaska Salmon Fisheries: The Legal Waters

Articles in the latest issue of Alaska's Marine Resources include Alaska's constitution and salmon fisheries, restructuring fisheries, lessons from recent workshops, and more. Charting New Courses for Alaska Salmon Fisheries (PDF, 2.9 MB) is offered here at no charge.

What happened to Alaska's salmon industry?

In October 2003, the Alaska Department of Labor issued a report detailing the causes and impacts of Alaska's salmon industry crisis. This illuminating report, The Global Salmon Industry and Its Impacts on Alaska (PDF, 800KB) is offered here at no charge.

Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development

Interested in marketing your own fish?

photo of fish marketThe Fishermen's Direct Marketing Manual, newly revised and updated, is 66 pages of important information about seafood marketing both in the United States and internationally. Inside the manual is information on finding a market, developing a business plan, permit requirements, quality concerns, packing and shipping. The manual is available as a paperback book or as a downloadable PDF.

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Effects of the 2002 Chignik Salmon Cooperative: A Survey of Chignik Salmon Permit Holders (PDF; 1.4 MB)

In January 2002, the Alaska Board of Fisheries passed regulations that established criteria and management measures for a cooperative fishery in the Chignik purse seine salmon fishery. Chignik permit holders rate the first year of the salmon co-op in a survey completed by ISER.

For more information, contact Gunnar Knapp.

About us | Research |  Publications | Workshops & classes |  Resource people |  Contact information  |   Related links