July 9 – August 18, 2018

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As you might guess, field season is pretty busy. Here is an abbreviated Blog as I haven’t had time to concentrate on this. I’ll come back later and fill in the details for everyone! Cheers for now!

August 18, Saturday – Weather picked up. Chris plane delayed to Wednesday. Clean up apartment, lab and samples.
August 17, Friday – Lunax. East landing experimental site prep. Drop shellhash and find pots. Move pots to line. Move shellhash to line. Otter Island seabird plots. CTD and Zooplankton.
August 16, Thursday – Lunax. East Landing experimental site prep. Two dives. Sample bags and connect the blocks with groundline. Survey second dive. Drop the pots all together. CTD, SPATTs, water samples.
August 15, Wednesday – We finished getting the crab pots together and preparing for field tomorrow
August 14, Tuesday – Lab work and crab feeding. Crab pot GoPro. Crab pot tie up. Odds and ends. Sunny!!!
August 13, Monday – Sea Pup Shearing with MML. Jenny worked on Zoops.
August 12, Sunday – Measurement and photos of crab. Crab Feeding. Ceramics. Carafe finished to dry. ShanShan.
August 11, Saturday – Finished processing 3 collector bags. Found BKC! 2 more RKC. Tropical Storm ShanShan into the Bering.
August 10, Friday – Dive off Trident dock for 5 collector bags and RKC collections (got 9 diving)
August 9, Thursday – BSD Meeting in morning. Worsening weather caused cancellation of plans.
August 8, Wednesday – Lunax. Dive survey off High Bluffs south. Lots of fish, big Halibut, RKC collected. Tried Pinnacle, Lincoln Bight, and North Point but current (spring tides) was too much.
August 6, Monday through August 7, Tuesday – Computer and scheduling time. CTD data. Got Halibut Stom from FV Bay Rose (57).
August 3, Friday through August 5, Sunday – Continued Zoop, Stomachs, and crab pot construction. Ceramics.
August 2, Thursday – Dive off East Landing looking for tethering experiment area. Huge octopus, but vis was really bad. Rifle range in evening.
July 31, Tuesday through August 1, Wednesday – Last Harvest. Stomach Processing and hair crab pot tear down.
July 30, Monday – Stomach Processing and hair crab testing at Trident.
July 28, Saturday and July 29, Sunday – Video downloads and stomachs zooplankton processing. BOEM and NPRB reports for Jared. SPATTS in the harbor. ceramics
July 27, Friday – Zapadni Point drop dive with Jenny. Photos.
July 26, Thursday – Lunax up to Elephants Trunk. Seas to big to dive. CTD Zoop and Shelia at NE. End of day dive survey off of NE Point.
July 24, Tuesday and July 25, Wednesday – Video downloads and stomachs zooplankton processing. ceramics
July 23, Monday – Sheila day with Lunax. East and Southern regions finishing up drop cameras and CTD Zoop.
July 16, Monday through July 22, Sunday – Bad Weather, computer work. Zooplankton. Stomachs, ceramics, reindeer hunting.
July 15, Sunday – Lunax to Otter Island. Dive south and near miss. CTD Zoop of East. Caroline arrives.
July 13, Friday and July 14, Saturday – Computer work. Office. Zooplankton. Bad weather.
July 12, Thursday – Holiday and computer work. Video downloads and website Google maps. Bad weather.
July 11, Wednesday – Half field day with Sheila off NE and Walrus.
July 9, Monday and July 10, Tuesday – Filled tanks and data sheets. Stomachs and Blog update.