Outreach and Presentations

Left to Right, Mayor Jacob Merculief, Lauren Divine, Gordon Kruse, Greg Fratis Sr., Jared Weems discuss fisheries issues in a special community radio program on June 30, 2018.

Left to Right, Mayor Jacob Merculief, Lauren Divine, Gordon Kruse, Gregg Fratis Sr., Jared Weems discuss fisheries issues in a special community radio program on June 30, 2018.

June 30, 2018 – In collaboration with the Ecosystem Conservation Office (Dr. Lauren Divine and Veronica Padula), we are hosting UAF Fisheries Professor Dr. Gordon Kruse for the holiday and ECO camp week. We organized a public meeting and radio program focused on discussion of marine fisheries issues and management across Alaska. Dr. Kruse has 30+ years of research in the Bering Sea region ranging from various population dynamics studies to climate change research. His breadth of knowledge was explored in a 2 hour radio program moderated my Lauren and myself. It was a very successful discussion with attendees and callers. Please listen to the audio here!
Dr. Gordon Kruse KUHB Radio Program (0-40min)
Dr. Gordon Kruse KUHB Radio Program (40-80min)
Dr. Gordon Kruse KUHB Radio Program (80-110min)

April 6-9, 2018 – Tenakee Springs students, parents and teacher Megan Moody visited Juneau on a week long field trip. On Friday and Saturday, they were able to attend the CFOS outreach weekend. Friday was highlighted by the annual AFS Student Symposium, where the day was full of student presentations on thesis and dissertation projects. Saturday was the first CFOS public open house. Students, faculty and staff were on hand to show visitors our research and provide hands on experiences for kids and adults. Nearly 500 people were in attendance, far exceeding expectations! It was a huge hit with invert touch tanks, games, microscopy, and much more! Finally, on Monday the Tenakee students returned and were given a behind the scenes tour at NOAA Ted Stevens Marine Institute and the UAF building.

February 27-28, 2018 – Jared Weems was invited by the Tenakee Springs community home school teacher and parents to spend two days talking about science and marine research with the K-12 students. Discussions and activities included my research background, Pribs Blues Muse project, the scientific method, identifying careers across all fields of science, and marine ecology and zooplankton. The student’s even helped debut a game “King of the Pribs” (see video)! Additionally, a marine research project was set up to sample and catalog zooplankton in Tenakee Harbor. The class will conduct weekly sampling through early spring to identify phytoplankton and zooplankton over the length of the marine spring bloom.

AMSS_2018_Weems_Eckert_Long_PosterJanuary 23, 2018 – Jared Weems attended and presented a poster at the Alaska Marine Science Symposium.
The poster summarized the glaucothoe collector catch of BKC and RKC from the 2017 field season. This data represents the first of its kind in over 30 years! Interesting take-a-ways include 1) confirmation of very low larval supply for current BKC, apparent increases in larval supply of RKC compared to the early 1980′s, 3) habitat overlap between the two species where each occur in both the 1980′s and 2017, and 4) new settlement of RKC on the northwest side of St. Paul Island where none was previously observed.

Slide1October 27, 2017 – On KTOO public radio’s, A Juneau Afternoon, Jared Weems went on air to discuss his annual Halloween public event in collaboration with UAF-CFOS Juneau Fisheries Dive Program and The Scuba Tank, LLC. The 4th Annual Spooktacular Dive and Underwater Pumpkin Carving Competition is to be held Saturday, October 28 at 11am at Harlequin Point (Lena Point). In addition to the event, he also discussed the research program supported by UAF Fisheries out of Juneau and described his work including the Pribs Blues Muse study and blue king crab biology and ecology. Click the picture to go to the KTOO recording.

KUCBArcticleAugust 17, 2017 – Radio News Story: Diving for answers: Will blue king crab come back in the Pribilofs? Laura Kraegel, KUCB – Unalaska In the Pribilof Islands, no one’s gotten an accurate count of blue king crab since the population crashed hard in the 1980s. This summer, a marine biologist is trying to change that, with the species’ first in-depth study in more than 30 years. His ultimate goal: determine if blue crab can make a comeback — or if it’s gone for good… Story was picked up by Alaska News Nightly, KTOO Juneau, and the Arctic Update: US Arctic Research Commission Daily Email Newsletter.

July 3-7, 2017 – Jared Weems and Alex Filardo participated in the annual ECO summer camp for youth led by Tribal scientists, Dr. Lauren Divine and Veronica Padula. 25 youth participated. Jared Weems and Alex Filardo led a full day of activities, including a presentation on this project, photo and video session focusing on seafloor habitat and community dynamics in relation to blue king crab, and collection and sorting of glaucothoe settlement bags placed in the harbor. Kids were allowed to search through the bags for juvenile crabs and other fauna to identify species and discuss the local food web.

June 27, 2017 – Weems, Jared (2017) Early life history ecology of larval and juvenile blue king crabs in the US Subarctic. North Pacific Fisheries Management Council and Public Meeting, St. Paul, Alaska. June 27, 2017. This 1.5 hour program included a Powerpoint presentation, photos, videos, and open discussion/Q&A. Approximately 15 people attended and the presentation was aired on the local public radio station KUHB. The KUHB radio recording will be archived on our project website along with matching presentation materials.

Adult class of Discover Scuba - SNP 2017June 19-27, 2017 The second camp, Discover Scuba, was led by Melissa Good and Andy Dietrick (UAF) and involved 14 youth and adults, June 19-27, 2017. This open water SCUBA diving course provided an opportunity for local youth and adults interested in SCUBA diving to try it and gain experience and education in its use as a recreational activity and/or career-building tool. Jared Weems and Alex Filardo volunteered their time to assist during the entire camp.

May 11, 2017 – Lowell Wakefield Symposium Presentation – Anchorage, AK
Weems, J., and L. Divine (2017) Pribilof Islands blue king crab and community-based scientific collaboration. Lowell Wakefield Fisheries Symposium. Anchorage, Alaska. May 11, 2017.
Jared Weems’s travel was supported by Alaska Sea Grant in exchange for serving as a volunteer to conference organizers for the duration. Jared Weems and Lauren Divine (Ecosystem Conservation Office Co-Director, Tribal Government of St. Paul) co-presented on our collaborative partnerships and outreach efforts for blue king crab research between the UAF-CFOS project, NOAA-Kodiak Shellfish Laboratory collaborators, and Aleut Community of St. Paul Island.

January 23, 2017 – Alaska Marine Science Symposium 2017 – Anchorage, AK
Ginny Eckert, Jared Weems, and Chris Long attended the Alaska Marine Science Symposium in January and participated in a blue king crab workshop in collaboration with NPRB #1609.

October 8, 2016 – Weems, Jared (2016) Pribilof Island blue king crab recruitment limitation as a potential bottleneck to rebuilding from overfished status. Bering Sea Days Community Presentation, St. Paul, Alaska. October 8, 2016. Approximately 40 people attended.