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November 19, 2004

Scientists publish recommendations for sea otter research


Proceedings available from Alaska Sea Grant

Fairbanks, Alaska—Research on sea otters in Southwest Alaska, and the steps needed to address their decline, are detailed in the just-released proceedings of the Alaska Sea Otter Research Workshop.

The workshop was held in April 2004, and brought together scientists, agency officials and marine groups. The workshop was sponsored by the Alaska SeaLife Center, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and NOAA.

The Southwest Alaska sea otter population showed signs of decline beginning in the early 1990s. University, state, and federal scientists have been trying to understand the causes of the decline.

Participants in the workshop detailed the current state of scientific knowledge and together developed recommendations aimed at better understanding the decline.

The proceedings, edited by D. Maldini, D. Calkins, S. Atkinson, and R. Meehan, also summarizes sea otter research programs, the status of sea otter populations, and research methods.

The 104-page proceedings is available from Alaska Sea Grant for $10.00. Contact Sherri Pristash at 907-474-6707 for more information.

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