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November 19, 2004

Sugai to take key post at Center for Global Change

Fairbanks, Alaska—Dr. Susan Sugai has accepted the position of associate director of the university's Center for Global Change and Arctic System Research and the closely associated Cooperative Institute for Arctic Research (CIFAR). She begins her new job in December.

Sugai is currently an SFOS research scientist and associate director of the Alaska Sea Grant College Program, where she oversees Sea Grant-funded research and education projects and participates in the program's strategic planning.

She also is a member of the U.S. Arctic Research Commission, created by Congress to recommend national policies regarding Arctic research.

Susan Sugai came to Alaska in 1978 as a graduate student and received her Ph.D. in oceanography from the University of Alaska Fairbanks in 1985.

Sugai started her Alaska Sea Grant career as science director with the Alaska Regional Marine Research Program in 1993, and served as Alaska Sea Grant interim director in 2002.

As a research scientist, Sugai examined the biogeochemical cycling of natural and anthropogenic compounds in marine, aquatic, and terrestrial ecosystems in Alaska.

In 1991, she researched, wrote, sought public comment for, and revised the Alaska Regional Marine Research Plan 1992-1996 for the Alaska Regional Marine Research Board, an 11-member state and federally appointed board.

The Center for Global Change and Arctic System Research provides a campus-wide framework for interdisciplinary research and educational activities addressing the role of the Arctic in global change. CIFAR is one of 13 NOAA-university institutes that foster research cooperation between the University of Alaska, other institutes, and NOAA, in the Arctic region.

Sugai will continue her instrumental role in organizing the Alaska Region, National Ocean Sciences Bowl, an annual statewide high school marine science competition sponsored in part by SFOS. She also will continue to monitor currently funded Alaska Sea Grant research and traineeship projects until their completion in 2006.

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