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Rasmuson Fisheries Expansion
Bachelor of Arts in Fisheries

Jessica Johnson holds a salmon while working on a project in western Alaska.

Fisheries undergrduate student Jessica Johnson holds a salmon while working on a project in western Alaska during the summer. Photo courtesy of Jessica Johnson.

The objective of the Bachelor of Arts in Fisheries degree program is to provide students with the knowledge base, skill sets, and hands-on experience to be highly competitive in obtaining positions within the fishing and seafood processing industries in Alaska.

This degree program consists of 126 credits, and can be completed at either the Fairbanks or Juneau campuses at UAF.

Undergraduates that have completed the Bachelor of Arts in Fisheries degree program will be competitive for a wide variety of agency and organization positions, particularly within the state of Alaska.

Graduates with this degree will be qualified to work for traditional fisheries governmental agencies in the areas of business administration, policy development, fisheries education and outreach, or as social scientists. In addition, this degree program will also prepare students for graduate school in these areas.

Alaska Native Organizations will hire students with this degree in the same capacity, as well as from the standpoint of rural community development.

Fishing organizations will hire students in the aforementioned areas, as well as in fisheries quota management. Private non-profit salmon hatchery corporations will be interested in hiring graduates to serve as hatchery managers and outreach specialists in their respective communities.

The Alaska seafood processing industry, the largest private-sector employer in the state, will hire students with a B.A. in Fisheries with expertise in accounting, finance, marketing, organizational management, and other areas of business administration to help run their organizations.

The Bachelor of Arts in Fisheries will prepare students for these job opportunities by providing valuable, practical experience, individualized instruction and on-the-job training, application of classroom theories in the real world, and networking with people in the chosen career field. These attributes will prepare students for post-graduation employment and, consequently lead to a higher employability. Our students will be prepared for the specific requirements associated with the agencies and organizations listed above and be well qualified for similar jobs throughout North America through the unique program that we propose to deliver.

For the specific degree requirements of the Bachelor Arts in Fisheries, view these links:

For more information about the Rasmuson Fisheries Expansion, please contact Dr. Trent Sutton, Undergraduate Fisheries Coordinator, e‑mail:, 907-474-7285.

If you are a student interested in studying at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, please contact SFOS academics, or 907-474-7289.