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Contact Information

Institute of Marine Science
209B O'Neill
P.O. Box 757220
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Fairbanks, AK 99775-7220
Phone: (907) 474-5871
Fax: (907) 474-5804

Jennifer Reynolds Associate Professor

Geological Oceanography


  • Associate Director, West Coast & Polar Regions Undersea Research Center (NOAA/NURP)


  • Application of geology and seafloor mapping to benthic habitat studies
  • Submarine volcanism
  • Past research in igneous petrology and geochemistry of mid-ocean ridges and seamounts


  • B.A. 1985 Dartmouth College (Earth Science)
  • M.A. 1990 Columbia University (Geological Science)
  • Ph.D. 1995 Columbia University (Geological Science)

Research Overview

OPENING FOR A NEW GRADUATE STUDENT (Fall 2014): application of seafloor mapping and surveys to benthic habitat research and to marine geology of the Alaskan shelf and slope.

Current Research Projects

  • Alaska Coral and Sponge Initiative: benthic habitat analysis in the Gulf of Alaska and Aleutians at regional scale, and new focus sites for study of Primnoa pacifica (with NOAA fisheries biologists led by Chris Rooper and Bob Stone, and geologist Gary Greene)
  • Kachemak Bay mapping, application to habitat and resource management (with Ph.D. Oceanography student Melissa Meiner-Johnson and NOAA scientist Kris Holderied)
  • Benthic habitat mapping and analysis on the outer continental shelf around Kodiak, Alaska (with M.S. Fisheries graduate Sean Rooney, geologist Gary Greene, fisheries oceanographer Brenda Norcross)
  • Bogoslof Volcano: resurfacing by volcanic eruptions as a natural experiment in seafloor invertebrate colonization (with fishery biologist Mark Zimmermann at NOAA Alaska Fisheries Science Center)
  • Aleutian forearc structural fabric revealed in seafloor maps: strain accomodation and its relationship to plate convergence (with M.S. Geology graduate Lena Krutikov)
  • Application of mapping and seafloor geology to studies of deep coral habitat in the central Aleutians (with geologist Gary Greene, Jon Heifetz and Bob Stone at NOAA Alaska Fisheries Science Center)


  • 1997–1999 Postdoctoral Fellowship, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
  • 1995–1997 NSF Earth Sciences Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, host institution: U.S. Geological Survey, Hawaiian Volcano Observatory

Selected Publications

Reynolds, J.R. and H.G. Greene, eds. (2008): Marine Habitat Mapping Technology for Alaska. Alaska Sea Grant College Program, University of Alaska Fairbanks (Fairbanks, Alaska), 282 pp. (available here)

Reynolds, J.R., H.G. Greene, J. Kurland, D. Woodby, and B. Allee (2008): Overview: Marine habitat mapping technology for Alaska. In J.R. Reynolds and H.G. Greene (eds.), Marine Habitat Mapping Technology for Alaska. Alaska Sea Grant College Program, University of Alaska Fairbanks (Fairbanks, Alaska), pp. 1-11. Download PDF (177 KB)

Johnson, K.T.M., J.R. Reynolds, D.K. Smith, L.S.L. Kong, and D. Vonderhaar (2002): Petrological systematics of submarine lavas from the Puna Ridge, Hawai`i: Implications for rift zone plumbing and magmatic processes. In Takahashi, E., et al., eds., Hawaiian Volcanoes: Deep Underwater Perspectives. AGU Geophysical Monograph 128, 143-159.

Reynolds, J. R., R.C. Highsmith, B. Konar, C.G. Wheat, and D. Doudna (2001): Fisheries and fisheries habitat investigations using undersea technology. Proceedings of Oceans 2001, MTS/IEEE Conference, Marine Technology Society, Columbia, Maryland 2:812-820. Download PDF (283 MB)

Clague, D.A., J.R. Reynolds, and A.S. Davis (2000): Near-ridge seamount chains in the Northeastern Pacific Ocean. J. Geophys. Res. 105, 16,541-16,562. Download PDF (2.91 MB)

Clague, D.A., J.G. Moore, and J.R. Reynolds, (2000): Formation of submarine truncated volcanic cones in Hawaii. Bull. Volcanol. 62, no. 3, 214-233. Download PDF (1.2 MB)

Reynolds, J.R. and C.H. Langmuir (2000): Identification and implications of off-axis lava flows around the East Pacific Rise. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 1, Paper # 1999GC000033. Download PDF (1.2 MB)

Spiegelman, M. and J.R. Reynolds, (1999): Combined dynamic and geochemical evidence for convergent melt flow beneath the East Pacific Rise. Nature 402, 282-285. Download PDF (305 KB)

Reynolds, J.R. and C.H. Langmuir (1997): Petrological systematics of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge south of Kane: Implications for ocean crust formation. J. Geophys. Res. 102, 14,915-14,946. Download PDF (4.14 MB)

McNutt, M.K., D.W. Caress, J.R. Reynolds, K.A.Jordahl, and R.A. Duncan (1997): Failure of plume theory to explain midplate volcanism in the southern Austral islands. Nature 389, 479-482. Download PDF (465KB)

Reynolds, J.R., C.H. Langmuir, J.F. Bender, K.A. Kastens, W.B.F. Ryan (1992): Spatial and temporal variability in the geochemistry of basalts from the East Pacific Rise. Nature 359, 493-499. (available here)