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Contact Information

Institute of Marine Science
207 B IARC
P.O. Box 757340
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Fairbanks, AK 99775-7340
Phone: (907) 474-7783
Fax: (907) 474-2679

C. Peter McRoy Professor Emeritus

Biological Oceanography • Marine Plants


  • pelagic and benthic ecosystem studies in extreme environments

Selected Publications

McRoy, C.P.1999. Water over the bridge: a summing up of the contributions of the ISHTAR Project. Pp. 687-696. In T.R. Loughlin and K. Ohtani, eds., Dynamics of the Bering Sea. Fairbanks: Alaska Sea Grant College Program.

Springer, A.M., C.P. McRoy and M. Flint. 1996. The Bering Sea Green Belt. Fisheries Oceanography 5:205-223.

McRoy, C.P. 1996. The global seagrass initiative continues. Pp. 3-6, In J. Kuo, R.C. Phillips, D.I. Walker, and H. Kirkman, eds., Seagrass Biology: Proceedings of an International Workshop.

Salmon, D.K. and C.P. McRoy. 1994. Nutrient-based tracers in the western Arctic: A new lower halocline water defined. Pp. 47-61 in O.M. Johannesen, R.D. Muench and J.E. Overland, eds., The polar oceans and their role in shaping the global environment. Amer. Geophys. Union, Geophys. Mono. 85.

Langseth, M., T. Delaca, G. Newton, B. Coakley, R. Colony, J. Gossett, C. May, P. McRoy, J. Morrison, W. Smethie, D. Steele, and W. Tucker. 1993-94. SCICEX-93: Arctic cruise of the U.S. Navy nuclear powered submarine USS Pargo. Marine Technol. Soc. J. 27(4):4-12.

Lalumiure, R., D. Messier, J.-J. Fournier, and C.P. McRoy. 1994. Eelgrass meadows in a low arctic environment, the northeast coast of James Bay, Quebec. Aquat. Bot. 47:303-315.

McRoy, C.P. 1993. ISHTAR, the project: an overview of Inner Shelf Transfer and Recycling in the Bering and Chukchi seas. Cont. Shelf Res. 13:473-479.

Henriksen, K., T.H. Blackburn, B. A. Lomstein and C.P. McRoy. 1993. Rates of nitrification, distribution of nitrifying bacteria and inorganic N fluxes in northern Bering/Chukchi shelf sediments. Cont. Shelf Res. 13:629-651.

Springer, A.M. and C.P. McRoy. 1993. The paradox of pelagic food webs in the northern Bering Sea. III. Patterns of primary production. Cont. Shelf Res. 13:575-579.

Grebmeier, J.M. and C.P. McRoy. 1989. Pelagic-benthic coupling on the shelf of the northern Bering and Chukchi Seas. III. Benthic food supply and carbon cycling. Mar. Ecol. Prog. Ser. 53:71-91.