External Organizations

Territorial Sportsmen Scholarship Foundation, Inc.

Usually due in April
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American Institute of Fishery Research Biologists

Clark Hubbs Associate Research Assistance Award for Travel

Eligibility: must be an AIFRB member

Alaska Fly Fishers, Natural Sciences Scholarship

Contact: Jan Schnorr at Janiceinak@gmail.com or 337-1818.

NOAA Dr. Nancy Foster Scholarship Program for Graduate Students

For the 2009-2010 academic year, Dr. Nancy Foster Scholarships provided support of up to $42,000: a 12-month stipend of $30,000, in addition to an annual cost-of-education allowance of up to $12,000; and up to $10,000 support for a four to six week research collaboration at a NOAA facility. A maximum of $94,000 may be provided to masters students (up to 2 years of support and one research collaboration opportunity) and up to $188,000 may be provided to doctoral students (up to 4 years of support and two research collaboration opportunities).
Eligibility: Those eligible to apply are United States citizens currently pursuing or intending to pursue a masters or doctoral level degree in oceanography, marine biology, or maritime archaeology, including the curation, preservation, and display of maritime artifacts.

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Sigma Xi Grants-in-Aid Fund

Provides small amounts of money ($1000) for research expenses.
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Libbie H. Hyman Memorial Scholarship

Provides funds for first-year graduate students to attend a marine lab.
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A.W. “Winn” Brindle Memorial Education Loan Program

The A.W. “Winn” Brindle Memorial Education Loan Program was established in memory of A.W. “Winn” Brindle who was president of the Wards Cove Packing Company and Columbia Wards Fisheries. It is funded by private donations and contributions from fisheries businesses in exchange for state tax credits. The funds provide educational loans to Alaska residents for full-time undergraduate or graduate study in fisheries-related programs.
More information: AlaskaAdvantage website, Winn Brindle information

Kuskokwin Native Association, Subsistence Fisheries Education Internship

This is a great opportunity to gain experience working with a variety of government agencies, subsistence fishermen and Native organizations.  This internship is very flexible and the exact duties and responsibilities will depend upon intern’s experience level and professional interests.

Kuskokwim Native Association (KNA) is a regional Native organization in Aniak that represents villages of the Middle and Upper Kuskokwim River.  KNA’s Department of Natural Resources conducts a number of fisheries research projects in cooperation with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

More information: email: jobs@knafish.org