Senior Thesis

For students interested in continuing their studies into graduate school, a senior thesis is an excellent way to gain research experience and become familiar with the research process. This is a two‑course sequence, with FISH 498 Senior Thesis Proposal taken prior to FISH 499 Senior Thesis. Each course is two credits and students must enroll and successfully complete FISH 498 before they will be allowed to enroll for FISH 499. In FISH 498, students will work closely with their faculty mentor to identify a thesis topic and develop a thesis proposal.  Once the proposal has been completed, the student will initiate and complete the senior thesis, which will include field and/or laboratory research, data analysis, and development of a final paper in the form of a research manuscript.  A copy of the FISH 498 and FISH 499 syllabi can be found below.

If you have any questions regarding the ELP, please contact SFOS Internship Coordinator Trent Sutton at or 907‑474‑7285.