Independent Study

Students may increase the breadth of their internship through independent study, which includes the development of daily journals, term or research papers, and/or literature searches.  There are various options for students to pair additional independent study credit(s) through FISH 497 Independent Study, either separate from or in conjunction with their fisheries internship.  Students wishing to add an independent study component for one, two, or three credits to their FISH 490 Fisheries Internship must also meet all of the requirements and complete the assignments for FISH 490.  Note that the SFOS internship coordinator will not allow individual study associated with internships if students do not meet the basic requirements listed below.  Copies of the syllabi for FISH 497 Independent Study as a one-, two-, or three-credit option, which provide additional details on specific requirements for each credit option, can be found below. In addition, the Individual Study Form to enroll for FISH 497 credits is also located below.

If you have any questions regarding the ELP, please contact SFOS Internship Coordinator Trent Sutton at or 907‑474-7285.