To enroll for internship credits, the requirements must be agreed upon prior to the student’s enrollment and employment based on a three-way cooperative agreement between the student, the employer, and a faculty mentor.  This may only be a two-way agreement if the employer is also the faculty mentor.  Students will not be allowed to enroll for internship credit during or after their experience has been completed.  All internships must be approved and all the necessary documentation completed (see below) prior to the agreed upon internship start date.  For an outline of the steps to identify an internship opportunity and faculty mentor, as well as the basic requirements to enroll for and complete an internship, review the Student Checklist and Internship Checklist documents below.  Copies of the syllabi for FISH 290 Fisheries Internship and FISH 490 Fisheries Internship, which provide additional details on specific internship requirements, as well as the Student Internship Agreement and Student Evaluation Form, can also be found below.

If you have any questions regarding the ELP, please contact SFOS Internship Coordinator Trent Sutton at or 907‑474-7285.