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Construction of the R/V Sikuliaq

On December 8, 2009, UAF announced the award of a shipyard contract to Marinette Marine Corporation, a shipbuilder in Marinette, Wisconsin. The award is for $123 million. Construction will be finished in 2013. The vessel will then be transported from Marinette through the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Seaway transit system, south to the Panama Canal, and then north to Alaska. The ship will be ready for unrestricted science operations in 2014.

A shipyard webcam will become available after construction begins.

About the Shipyard

Originally founded during World War II, Marinette Marine has built more than 1300 vessels. Some recent ships built by Marinette Marine include the U.S. naval vessel, the USS Freedom (2006), the USCG cutter Mackinaw (2005) and several Staten Island Ferries. The shipyard includes 300,000 square feet of indoor shipbuilding space and a ship launching facility for up to 4500 long tons.

Construction Timeline

construction timeline for the ARRV

Construction Oversight Committee:

  • A. Polar Marine Scientists
  • B. Marine Superintendents
    • i. East Coast: Al Suchy, WHOI
    • ii. West Coast: Fred Jones, Oregon State University
  • C. Marine Technical Specialists
      • i. Mary Lynn Dickson, University of Rhode Island
      • ii. Val Schmidt, Center for Coastal & Ocean Mapping Joint Hydrographic Center
  • D. Alaska Native/Coastal Community -- Perry Pungowiyi
  • E. NOAA Fisheries: Mike Sigler, Alaska Fisheries Science Center