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About the Name 'Sikuliaq'

Sikuliaq, pronounced [see-KOO-lee-auk], is an Inupiaq name meaning "young sea ice" or "young sea ice that is safe to walk on."

“The name ‘Sikuliaq’ reflects both our Alaska heritage as well as our focus on arctic research,” said UAF Chancellor Brian Rogers. “As Alaska’s first university in a relatively young and growing state, we are proud of our role in bringing to fruition this vital addition to the American research fleet.”

A committee of scientists and university staff members chose the name after receiving more than 150 suggestions from the public. After consulting with the UAF Alaska Native Language Center, the committee recommended the name “Sikuliaq.”

“Naming the ARRV ‘Sikuliaq’ is a tribute to the Native people of the Arctic who know so much about sea ice,” said Craig George, senior wildlife biologist for the North Slope Borough. “’Sikuliaq’ is a name everyone can enjoy and be proud of--scientists and Native people alike.”