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University of Alaska Fairbanks, School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences Science Master's Program
(SMP) in Sustainable Ecosystem-Based Management of Living Marine Resources (SELMR)

New students - 2011

Photo of Matt Catterson

Matt Catterson, MS Fisheries

Education: BS Fisheries, University of Alaska Fairbanks 2010
Advisor: Megan McPhee

Research Interests: I am generally interested in research related to the conservation and sustainable management of Pacific salmon and trout. Conservation of wild salmonids depends on the preservation of the genetic diversity responsible for the varied, and often plastic life history characteristics that define salmon and trout populations. I am interested in research that describes this genetic variation and seeks to understand how it may be changing with contemporary challenges of overfishing, hatchery propagation, and climate change.

Photo of Allyson Hughes

Allyson Hughes, MS Fisheries

Education: BS Fisheries and Wildlife, Michigan State University 2011
Advisor: Megan McPhee

Research Interests: I am interested in tribal aspects of natural resources issues in the Pacific Northwest, with a research focus on eulachon smelt.  Throughout its range in the Pacific Northwest, eulachon is a culturally-important and declining species.  My interest is to examine the eulachon declines, including the roles these declines have in the ecosystems and within the cultural groups of Southeast Alaska.

Photo of Emily Hutchinson

Emily Hutchinson, MS Marine Biology

Education: BS Biology, Florida State University 2010
Advisor: Shannon Atkinson

Research Interests: I am interested in studying marine mammal physiology to gain a better understanding of how and why species succeed or fail to adapt to climate change and anthropogenic disturbances.

Photo of Kevin Sewicke

Kevin Sewicke, MS Fisheries

Education: BS Oceanography, Humboldt State University 2007
Advisor: Andy Seitz

Research Interests: My research interests include assessing heavily used marine resources and devising management efforts that are sensitive towards individuals that depend upon them for basic needs as well as commercial interests allowing for a comprehensive sustainability plan. I am particularly interested in employing quantitative methods to achieve this end.

New students - 2010

Photo of Alex Godinez

Alex Godinez, MS Fisheries

Education: BS Fisheries Biology, Humboldt State University 2008
Advisor: Megan McPhee

Research Interests: My research interests include fish genetics, marine fish ecology, and early life history of marine fishes. I‚Äôm looking forward to the ecosystem–based approach to fisheries management of the SELMR program and to getting my grad project fleshed out.

Photo of Michael Kohan

Michael Kohan, MS Fisheries

Education: BS Cellular and Molecular Biology, University of Washington 2005
Advisors: Shannon Atkinson and Megan McPhee

Research Interests: I am interested in developing sustainable fisheries management strategies through community, science and economic perspectives. I am working with NOAA and the Gulf of Alaska Integrative Ecosystem Research Project to understand how marine ecosystem indicators affect Southeast Alaska salmon returns. 

Photo of Sean Larson

Sean Larson, MS Fisheries

Education: BS Fisheries Biology, Humboldt State University 2010
Advisor: Ginny Eckert

Research Interests: I have lived in Southeast Alaska my entire life and have been surrounded by a rich commercial fishing culture.  It is for this reason that I would like to focus my research on the dynamics of marine fisheries in Alaska, specifically the effects of sea otter predation on commercially important invertebrates.  This topic has a significant socio-economic component associated with it that I look forward to learning more about.

Photo of Alice Smoker

Alice Smoker, MS Fisheries

Education: BA Biology, Lewis and Clark College 2008
Advisor: Keith Criddle

Research Interests: I think all kinds of fisheries science are pretty cool, but I am particularly interested in research that advances our understanding of fisheries as social and ecological systems. Knowledge of the relationships and tradeoffs between different components of fisheries systems provides a foundation for truly sustainable ecosystem based management. For my own small part, my M.S. thesis research will address how fishermen in the Southeast Alaskan Dungeness crab fishery may be affected by changes in the abundance and accessibility of its target species. Dungeness crab (Metacarcinus magister) is one of many prey species consumed by sea otters (Enhydra lutris), which are rapidly repopulating large areas of Southeast Alaska. My objective is to understand how the abundance of Dungeness crab and other variables affect participation in the fishery. I'm also interested in understanding variation among the participants, and learning about how other fishery stakeholders may be affected. I will conduct a survey and use economic modeling techniques to address these questions.

Photo of Rachael Wadsworth

Rachael Wadsworth, MS Fisheries

Education: BS in Biology (Marine Emphasis), Humboldt State University 2005
Advisor: Dr. Keith Criddle

Research Interests: My thesis will explore a variant of a group decision making technique, the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) as a method to categorize stakeholder input and rate research priorities. An Alaska Sea Grant project, the Aleutian Island Regional Marine Research Plan, will be used as a case study to examine the effectiveness of using this technique. The findings from the Aleutian Island project, along with further analysis that will explore the sensitivity and robustness of the results, will be presented in my thesis. 

Photo of Shelley Woods

Shelley Woods, MS Fisheries

Education: BS Fisheries, University of Alaska Fairbanks 2010
Advisor: Courtney Carothers

Research Interests: I am interested in traditional knowledge as it relates to fisheries, climate change, and development. I would like to provide community-based studies with research being guided by the needs of community members and also produce an end-product that is user-friendly and of interest to community members. My current focus in on the North Slope of Alaska but I hope to embark on research adventures around the world!

Photo of Adam Zaleski

Adam Zaleski, MS Fisheries

Education: BS Marine Vertebrate Biology, Southampton College of Long Island University¬†2006
Advisor: Shannon Atkinson

Research Interests: My research will focus on the relationship between organochlorine contaminants and the survival of Steller sea lions (SSL). This project will help in determining the possible relationship of contaminants on SSL decline and lack of recovery. This research is of interest to me because of the implications of SSL predation on commercially important groundfish species and its potential to directly affect management.

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