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University of Alaska Fairbanks, School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences Science Master's Program
(SMP) in Sustainable Ecosystem-Based Management of Living Marine Resources (SELMR)

Partner Organizations

SELMR students are strongly encourage to engage in a 4-8 week internship to gain an appreciation for non-academic career opportunities and gain research experience outside their primary background and research
areas. Students are required to make contact with prospective mentors at the following partner organizations or establish a partnership at another organization approved by the IGERT Steering Committee.

State Agencies
Alaska Board of Fisheries; Alaska Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission; Alaska Department of Fish and Game

Federal Agencies
National Park Service; National Marine Fisheries Service - Alaska Fisheries Science Center; North Pacific Fishery Management Council; US Coast Guard; US Fish and Wildlife Service; US Geological Survey, Alaska Science Center

Community Development Quota Entities
Central Bering Sea Fishermen’s Association; Coastal Villages Regional Fund; Norton Sound Economic Development Corporation; Western Alaska Community Development Association

Seafood Companies
Alaska Ocean Seafood; American Seafoods Company, LLC; Arctic Storm, Inc.; Glacier Fish Company, LLC; Starbound, LLC; Trident Seafoods Corporation

Environmental Organizations
Alaska Marine Conservation Council; Nature Conservancy; Oceana

Native Organizations
Alaska Federation of Natives

Research and Outreach Programs
Alaska Ocean Observing System; Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program; Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute; Alaskan Private Not-for-Profit Aquaculture Associations; Barrow Arctic Science Consortium; International Pacific Halibut Commission; Native Harbor Seal Commission; North Pacific Research Board

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