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University of Alaska Fairbanks, School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences Science Master's Program
(SMP) in Sustainable Ecosystem-Based Management of Living Marine Resources (SELMR)

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This interdisciplinary Science Master's Program (SMP) provides training in the fundamental principles and analytic tools of fisheries science, oceanography, ecology, economics, management, marine policy, and anthropology through courses and seminars which highlight limitations of traditional management paradigms and challenge students to consider innovative approaches to real-world problems. Classroom instruction is coupled with internship and research experiences to prepare graduates for employment in agencies and organizations where they will connect science with environmental, social, and economic considerations. Alaska is an ideal setting for exploring an ecosystem-based approach to the sustainable use of living marine resources because stocks of fish and marine mammals off Alaska, while largely healthy, include some populations that are in decline. In addition, utilization of living marine off Alaska dates back over 10,000 years and even now ranges from small-scale subsistence and artisanal harvests to technologically advanced industrial-scale fisheries. Moreover, here, as in other high-latitude regions, anthropogenic and naturally-forced changes in climate, ocean chemistry, ocean circulation, marine biological communities and ecosystems, fisheries, and coastal communities are already dramatic and will have broad consequences. While climate-induced changes are particularly pronounced in the Arctic and Subarctic, similar forces are changing marine ecosystems throughout the world.

SELMR graduates will be well-prepared to devise ecosystem-based solutions to critical research and stewardship questions in the sustainable use of living marine resources, skills that are critically needed in today's society.

SELMR students can pursue graduate degrees in Fisheries, Marine Biology, or Oceanography. Links to the department web sites and course requirements are found here.

Download the SELMR flyer (570KB PDF)

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