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Options for Restructuring Alaska's Salmon Fisheries

October 28 – 29, 2002
University of Alaska Anchorage
Anchorage, Alaska, USA

One of the issues being discussed by the salmon industry is whether to restructure Alaska salmon fisheries in order to reduce costs, increase value, or achieve other objectives. The goal of this workshop was to explore options for restructuring Alaska's salmon fisheries, and their potential implications.

The workshop took a long-term view of restructuring options, exploring not only changes that could be made easily within a short period of time, but also those that might be more difficult and might take longer.

Our starting premises are that each salmon fishery is different, that there are no one-size-fits-all solutions, that there are no easy answers, and that any restructuring option is likely to involve difficult tradeoffs between different kinds of important objectives.

Below you will find links to the full agenda for the workshop, papers that relate to the subjects discussed, and a list of speakers and contacts for them. Most are PDF files; they require the free Acrobat Reader to be viewed.

Options workshop full agenda (PDF)

List of speakers (PDF)


Alaska Salmon Harvesting Alternatives—Terry Johnson (PDF)

Article VIII—Natural Resources, Alaska Constitution; and selected cases on common use–equal access—provided by Mike Stanley (PDF)

Development and Implementation of "Controlled Fisheries" in the BC Sockeye Seine Fisheries—provided by Fishing Vessel Owners’ Assoc of BC (PDF)

Fishing Capacity Reduction Program—provided by Michael Sturtevant, NOAA (PDF)

Harvesting Cooperatives and Antitrust Law—Recent Developments and Implications—Joe Sullivan (link to Web page)

Magnuson-Stevens Act buyback wording—provided by Michael Sturtevant, NOAA (PDF)

Overview of Options for Restructuring Alaska Salmon Fisheries—Gunnar Knapp (PDF of PowerPoint presentation)

Overview of Options for Restructuring Alaska Salmon Fisheries—Gunnar Knapp (PDF of paper)

Proposal for a “Floating Quota” System in Bristol Bay—Larry Vander Lind (PDF)