Crude oil infiltration and movement in first-year sea ice: Impacts on ice-associated biota and physical constraints.


funded by an award from the Coastal Marine Institute through award M14AC00015.

Project highlights and milestones

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Field expeditions

2014: Barrow, Alaska: field sampling of sea ice biota for inocculation of experimental tanks


Tank experiments

2014: first complete set of tank experiments completed





Oggier M, Dilliplaine K. 2014. Oil in Sea Ice: Implications of biota and microstructure. (Oral) UAF Sea Ice Group. 10 January 2014. Fairbanks AK.

Dilliplaine K. Oggier M, 2014. Sea Ice Biology: Effects of biota on and to oil permeation in sea ice. (Poster) Alaska Oil Spill Technology Symposium. 6-7 March 2014. Fairbanks AK.

Oggier M, 2014, X-Ray tomography to characterize entrapped oil in sea ice. (Poster) International Conference on Porous Media, 27-30 May 2014, Milwaukee, WI



- involvement of two graduate students (Dilliplaine, Oggier). Additional student training in the lab for several SFOS graduate students.


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