Understanding the biological coupling between sea ice, water column and sea floor at Barrow, Alaska

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Susceptibility of sea ice biota to disturbances in the shallow Beaufort Sea: Phase 1: Biological coupling of sea ice with the pelagic and benthic realms

Rolf Gradinger & Bodil A. Bluhm

Sea ice is a crucial habitat in polar areas. Sea ice algae contribute significantly to primary production in many parts of the Arctic and, thereby, provide a food source for seasonal or permanent inhabitants of sea ice and the ice-water interface. Our research objectives are:

- to determine algal and faunal abundance in the fast ice, the water column and the sea floor in Barrow, Alaska, and

- to study reproductive and feeding activity of the ice fauna.

Techniques and analyses involve ice cores, under-ice video, plankton hauls, benthic grabs, and stable isotope and stomach contents analyses.


This project is supported through the Coastal Marine Institute.

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