Modules for the course/Data collected during the projects in Barrow, Alaska

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Module descriptions:

Module 1: Module1_RemoteSensing

Satellite images for module 1 - follow this link: sat

Module 2 Module2_IceThickness

Module 3 Module3_IceCoring

Module 4 GOLDEN_Notices_AMS_May_09, Golden_Transport_in_Sea_Ice,

Module 5 Ingham_Golden_course_handout_2013

Module 6 Module6_Optics_Snow

Module 7 2013-Module7.1

Module 8 module8_RG

Module 9 Module9_TLK


Additional files:

BrinePropTab_densmeas (excel)

ExampleIceCoreSamplingSheet (excel)


Required reading:


Golden (Module 4): GOLDEN_Notices_AMS_May_09


Additional forms:



Medical-Emergency Form2013











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