Arctic cod (Boreogadus saida): the big unknown in Arctic marine biology (Gradinger & Bluhm, IMS)

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Arctic cod

Boreogadus saida is the most northerly distributed species of Gadidae. We refer to this small Gadid as Arctic cod and not Polar cod, as Arctic cod is the recognized name by the American Fisheries Society.

It occurs roughly between 60 °N and the North Pole close to the coast as well as off-shore.

Arctic cod is a key species in Arctic waters in that it represents the most important trophic link from lower trophic levels (copepods and under-ice amphipods) to other fish, birds, seals and whales.Despite its central role in the Arctic marine food web, we have very little information on its biology in the central Arctic Ocean.

These pages provide information about the progress in research on Arctic cod in the ice covered waters of the central Arctic Ocean. You can find pictures and movies of Arctic cod in the Arctic sea ice made by divers in summer 2002. We will include links and publications as soon as they become available.

We want to stimulate future research, as ice conditions in the Arctic are changing at a dramatic rate, and research -including Arctic Cod- is needed today, to understand the biological impacts of the Arctic Change.

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