Arctic cod (Boreogadus saida): the big unknown in Arctic marine biology

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Boreogadus saida at station 020822



Boreogadus at station 020824


Boreogadus at station 020826 (our best movie!)


small amphipods below the ice (020828)

The movie page

This movies were collected during the NOAA funded Ocean Exploration expedition in 2002. A detailed analysis of the movies will be published in Polar Biology in (Gradinger and Bluhm 2004).


We greatly acknowledge the excellent support by our dive team Paul Nicklen (National Geographical Magazine), Wayne Smith and Jeremy Steward (DFO Winnipeg). Without their volunteering to collect animals and under-ice recordings, this entire study would have not been possible. We thank the crew of the Louis S. St. Laurent and our colleagues for support during the expedition. This work was funded by the NOAA Ocean Exploration program through grant NA16RP2626.


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