Sea ice algae, a major food source for herbivorous plankton and benthos in the eastern Bering Sea.


funded by NSF through award 0732767


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Bodil BluhmBodil Bluhm

Bodil Bluhm is a Research Associate Professor at SFOS and has a strong interest in biodiversity of Arctic invertebrates, community ecology and population dynamics of benthic and sea ice-associated fauna. Her research also focuses on coupling processes between the benthic, pelagic and sea ice realms in the Arctic through carbon flux and trophic interactions.

Her recent publications can be found on Google Scholar.


Katrin Iken is Associate Professor at SFOS and her research is mainly centered around trophic interactions between organisms. This involves dietary composition, feeding habits and consumption rates of invertebrates, macroalgal-herbivore interactions, stable isotope analysis of food web structures etc. It also involves chemical defenses of macroalgae and invertebrates against grazers and predators.


Rolf Gradinger is a Professor and Associate Dean at SFOS. He is interested in the dynamics of microbial communities in polar seas with most of his recent work focusing on the structuring role of sea ice for biological processes in Arctic waters.

He participated in SBI, BEST/BSIERP and the Arctic Ocean Diversity projects focused on the ice-based microbial food web and the coupling of sea ice, pelagic and benthic realms in Arctic waters.

His full publication list can be found on Google Scholar.


The study has also been supported by the following SFOS graduate students: Jared Weems, Martin Schuster, Sarah Story-Manes, Anna Szymanski and Brandon Hassett as well as Rebecca Neumann (volunteer). This study is also contributing to an NSF funded study on fatty acids (M. Wooler et al.,UAF).

Photo of  Katrin IkenKatrin Iken

Gradinger Rolf Gradinger

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