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Contact Information

Fisheries Division
17101 Point Lena Loop Rd
Juneau, AK 99801-8344
Phone: (907) 796-5466
Fax: (907) 796-5447

Alexei Pinchuk Research Assistant Professor

Fisheries Oceanography



  • zooplankton taxonomy/ecology/physiology
  • pelagic ecosystems
  • dynamics of coastal ocean


  • M.S. 1987 St. Petersburg State University (Zoology)
  • M.S. 1997 University of Alaska Fairbanks (Oceanography)
  • Ph.D. 2006 University of Alaska Fairbanks (Oceanography)

Research Overview

Dr. Pinchuk’s research has been focused on zooplankton distribution and production in relation to physical properties of the environment as well as their role in the pelagic trophic structure. He has been combining field and laboratory approaches to study interannual and seasonal variability in distribution, growth and reproduction of euphausiids (krill) from the northern Gulf of Alaska as part of US GLOBEC monitoring program. He has been involved with testing state-of-the-art marine sensors as part of Alliance of Coastal Technologies (ACT), a NOAA funded project. Other research includes a number of collaborative oceanographic projects in the southeastern Bering Sea and northern Gulf of Alaska, studying various aspects of zooplankton ecology in relation to physical and biological variability in the system at variety of temporal and spatial scales.

Current Research Projects

  • Assessment of mesoplankton population and biomass in the eastern Bering Sea (NSF)
  • Impact of se-ice on bottom-up and top-down controls of crustacean zooplankton and the meditation of carbon and energy flow in the eastern Bering Sea (NSF)
  • Integration and modeling of spatial-temporal variation in growth and vital rates for euphausiids in the eastern Bering Sea – implications for demographic structure (NSF)
  • Collaborative research: linking sea-ice retreat to plankton community structure and function in the eastern Bering Sea: data synthesis, biophysical modelling and multi-decadal projection (NSF)
  • Arctic ecosystem integrated survey (CIAP)
  • Biological communities in the Chukchi Sea (BOEM)
  • Development of Biochemical Measures of Age in the Alaskan Red King Crab: Validation, Refinement and Initial Assessment (NPRB)


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Selected Publications

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Pinchuk A.I., K.O. Coyle & R.R. Hopcroft. 2008. Climate-related changes in abundance and reproduction of dominant euphausiids in the northern Gulf of Alaska in 1998-2003. Progress in Oceanography 77: 203-216 Download PDF (1.98 MB)

Coyle K.O., A.I. Pinchuk, L.B. Eisner & J.M. Napp. 2008. Zooplankton species composition, abundance and biomass on the southeastern Bering Sea shelf during summer: the potential role of water column stability in structuring the zooplankton community. Deep Sea Research II 55: 1775-1791. Download PDF (2.3 MB)

Pinchuk A.I. & K.O. Coyle. 2008. Distribution, egg production and growth of euphausiids in the vicinity of the Pribilof Islands, southeastern Bering Sea, August 2004. Deep-Sea Research II 55: 1792-1800. Download PDF (979 KB)

Adams CF, Pinchuk AI, Coyle KO (2007) Seasonal changes in the diet composition and prey selection of walleye pollock (Theragra chalcogramma) in the northern Gulf of Alaska. Fisheries Research 84: 378-389. Download PDF (430 KB)

Pinchuk AI, Hopcroft RR (2007) Seasonal variations in the growth rates of euphausiids (Thysanoessa inermis, T. spinifera, and Euphausia pacifica) from the northern Gulf of Alaska. Marine Biology 151: 257-269. Download PDF (450 KB)

Baduini CL, Hunt GL Jr, Pinchuk AI, Coyle KO (2006) Patterns in diet reveal foraging site fidelity of short-tailed shearwaters in the southeastern Bering Sea. Marine Ecology Progress Series 320: 279-292. Download PDF (390 KB)

Pinchuk AI, Hopcroft RR (2006) Egg production and early development of Thysanoessa inermis and Euphausia pacifica (Crustacea: Euphausiacea) in the northern Gulf of Alaska. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 332: 206-215. Download PDF (300 KB)

Coyle KO, Pinchuk AI (2005) Seasonal cross-shelf distribution of major zooplankton taxa on the northern Gulf of Alaska shelf relative to water mass properties, species depth preferences and vertical migration behavior. Deep-Sea Research II 52: 217-245. Download PDF (1.6 MB)

Hopcroft RR, Clarke C, Byrd AG, Pinchuk AI (2005) The paradox of Metridia spp. egg production rates: a new technique and measurements from the coastal Gulf of Alaska. Marine Ecology Progress Series 286: 193-201. Download PDF (1.2 MB)

Lindley JA, Batten SD, Coyle KO, Pinchuk AI (2004) Regular occurrence of Thysanoessa inspinata (Crustacea: Euphausiacea) in the Gulf of Alaska. Journal of Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom 84: 1033-1037. Download PDF (240 KB)

Coyle KO, Pinchuk AI (2003) Annual cycle of zooplankton abundance, biomass and production on the northern Gulf of Alaska shelf, October 1997 through October 2000. Fisheries Oceanography 12(4/5): 327-338. Download PDF (520 KB)

Coyle KO, Pinchuk AI (2002a) Climate-related differences in zooplankton density and growth on the inner shelf of the southeastern Bering Sea. Progress in Oceanography 55: 177-194. Download PDF (540 KB)

Coyle KO, Pinchuk AI (2002b) The abundance and distribution of euphausiids and zero-age pollock on the inner shelf of the southeast Bering Sea near the Inner Front in 1997-1999. Deep-Sea Research II 49: 6009-6030. Download PDF (5.4 MB)

Stockwell DA, Whitledge TE, Zeeman SI, Coyle KO, Napp JM, Brodeur RD, PinchukAI (2001)  Anomalous conditions in the southeastern Bering Sea, 1997: nutrients, phytoplankton and zooplankton. Fisheries Oceanography 10(1): 99-116. Download PDF (650 KB)

Pinchuk AI, Paul AJ (1998) Growth of Metridia pacifica (Copepoda: Calanoida) nauplii in the laboratory. Plankton Biology and Ecology 45(2): 195-201. Download PDF (640 KB)

Pinchuk AI (1997) Naupliar development of Metridia pacifica Brodsky (Copepoda: Calanoida) reared in the laboratory. Journal of Crustacean Biology 17(2): 343-351. Download PDF (390 KB)

Books and Chapters:

Pinchuk AI, Paul AJ (2000) Zooplankton of the Okhotsk Sea: a review of Russian studies. University of Alaska Sea Grant College Program, Fairbanks, 62 pp.

Coyle KO, Chavtur VV, Pinchuk AI (1996)  Zooplankton of the Bering Sea: a review of Russian-language literature. In: O.A. Mathisen and K.O. Coyle (editors). Ecology of the Bering Sea: a review of Russian literature. Alaska Sea Grant College Program, Fairbanks, pp. 97-133.