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Institute of General Genetics
Gubkin Street, 3
Phone: (7499) 135-5290

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  • Genetic Structure of Human Populations


“Polarity and Temporality of High Resolution Y-chromosome Distributions in India Identify Both Indigenous and Exogenous Expansions and Reveal Minor Genetic Influence of Central Asian Pastoralists”
Sengupta S, Zhivotosky LA, King R, Mehdi, SQ, Edmonds CA, Chow C-ET, Lin AA, Mitra M, Sil SK, Ramesh A, Rani MVU, Thakur CM, Cavalli-Sforza LL, Majumder, PP, Underhill PA
American Journal of Human Genetics, 2006, volume 78

“The Effective Mutation Rate at Y Chromosome Short Tandem Repeats, with Application to Human Population-Divergence Time”
Zhivotovsky, L. A., Underhill, P. A., Cinnioglu, C., Kayser, M., Morar, B., Kivisild, T., Scozzari, R., Cruciani, F., Destro-Bisol, G., Spedini, G., Chambers, G. K., Herrera, R. J., Yong, K. K., Gresham, D., Tournev, I., Feldman, M. W., Kalaydjieva, L.
American Journal of Human Genetics, 2004, volume 74

Difference between evolutionarily effective and germ line mutation rate due to stochastically varying haplogroup size.
Zhivotovsky, L. A. and Underhill, P. A. and Feldman, M. W.
Mol Biol Evol 23 2268--2270 (2006)

Robustness of the inference of human population structure: a comparison of X-chromosomal and autosomal microsatellites.
Ramachandran, S. and Rosenberg, N. A. and Zhivotovsky, L. A. and Feldman, M. W.
Hum Genomics 1 87--97 (2004)

Genetic structure of human populations.
Rosenberg, N. A. and Pritchard, J. K. and Weber, J. L. and Cann, H. M. and Kidd, K. K. and Zhivotovsky, L. A. and Feldman, M. W.
Science 298 2381--2385 (2002)