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Contact Information

Northwest Fisheries Sciences Center
2725 Montlake Blvd E
Seattle, WA 98112-2013
Phone: (206) 860-3254

Robin Waples

Fish and Fisheries Genetics • Fisheries Genetics and Aquaculture


  • Senior Scientist, Northwest Fisheries Science Center
  • NOAA Fisheries


  • conservation genetics of anadromous and marine fishes

Research Overview

Robin's research interests involve population genetics and conservation genetics of anadromous and marine fishes. Particular interests include: 1) adapting standard population genetics theory so that it can be applied to real-world problems for species with complex life histories; 2) combining diverse types of information (molecular genetics; life history; ecology) to characterize hierarchical levels of diversity in Pacific salmon; 3) assessing viability of complex conservation units that include multiple independent populations and diverse ecotypes; 4) methods for analyzing gene flow and population structure in species with high dispersal capabilities. Robin is also Director of the Centers Internal Grants Program, which provides in-house funding opportunities for innovative research projects by Center staff.