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Contact Information

4210 University Drive Mail Stop 701
Anchorage, AK 99508-4626
Phone: (907) 786-3670
Fax: (907) 786-3636

Jennifer Nielsen Affiliate Faculty

Fish and Fisheries Genetics • Fisheries Ecology • Fisheries Genetics and Aquaculture


  • United States Geological Survey
  • Alaska Biological Science Center


  • Marine and Freshwater Ecology


  • M.S. 1990 University of California Berkeley (Fisheries Biology)
  • Ph.D. 1994 University of California Berkeley (Environmental Studies)

Research Overview

Molecular genetics, stock identification, conservation and management of Pacific salmonids; evolution and biogeography in fishes; marine and freshwater fish behavior and habitat use; impacts of sport and recreational fishing on resource management.

Current Research Projects

  • Genetic analyses of anadromous and non-anadromous Oncorhynchus mykiss (rainbow trout) in Sashin Creek, Southeast Alaska
  • Testing satellite pop-up tags as a tool for identifying critical habitat
  • Effects of catch-and-release injury on the ecology, physiology, and behavior of rainbow trout on the Alagnak River in Katmai National Park and Preserve
  • Southwest Alaska rainbow trout investigations
  • Global climate influence on salmon


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