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January 24, 2011

SFOS students win best poster awards at Alaska Marine Science Symposium

Editor's Note: A webpage about SFOS participation in the Alaska Marine Science Symposium, complete with podcasts of the speakers' talks, can be found here.

Anchorage, Alaska—

Mandy Keogh's winning poster. Click on the image to view the larger version.

SFOS students Mandy Keogh, Shiway Wang and Wesley Strasburger won the best student poster awards at the Alaska Marine Science Symposium last week in Anchorage. SFOS students earned three out of the four awards.

Mandy Keogh is a Ph.D. student studying marine biology with Shannon Atkinson. Her poster was called “Body condition and endocrine profiles of Steller sea lion (Eumetopias jubatus) pups during the early postnatal period” (906KB PDF).

Shiway Wang is also a Ph.D. student in marine biology. Her advisor is Matthew Wooller. Her poster was on "Compound-specific stable isotope analyses of fatty acids in primary production from the Bering Sea: a foundation for food web biomarker studies." (E-mail Shiway Wang at for a PDF of her poster.)

Wesley Strasburger is a master’s degree student studying fisheries with former SFOS faculty member Nicola Hillgruber. His poster was “A comparison of feeding patterns between larval and juvenile walleye pollock and Pacific cod in the eastern Bering Sea" (300KB PDF).

Wesley Strasburger's winning poster. Click on the image to view the larger version.

The North Pacific Research Board sponsored the four poster awards, two for master’s level students and two for Ph.D. students. The winning students earned a $250 cash award.

Several School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences faculty and staff presented at the Alaska Marine Science Symposium. Russ Andrews presented a keynote speech on “Steller’s curse: the unfortunate fate of Alaska’s first naturalist and the marine mammals that bear his name.” Other SFOS faculty and staff presenters included Arny Blanchard, Rachel Potter, Peter Winsor, Bodil Bluhm, Brenda Norcross, Seth Danielson and Franz Mueter.

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