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Alexandra Oliveira accepts the McFee Award on behalf of Charles Crapo.

Alexandra Oliveira accepts the McFee Award on behalf of Charles Crapo at the 3rd Trans Atlantic Fisheries Technologists Conference.

SFOS Journeys

Alexandra Oliveira

Trip Report, Copenhagen, Denmark.
September 2009

I arrived in Copenhagen (DK) on 09/15/09 to attend the 3rd Trans Atlantic Fisheries Technologists Conference. This is a meeting that only occurs every 3 years as a joint meeting of the Western European Fisheries Technologists Association and the Atlantic Fisheries Technologists Association.

The topic for this year's conference was 'New Technology for health and Safe Seafood'. The meeting duration was from 09/16/09 to 09/18/09. I was honored with the opportunity to chair one of the meeting sessions, as indicated in the conference program and conference book of abstracts.

My oral presentation was scheduled for 09/17/09, and I spoke on the following topic: 'Improving the sensorial and nutritional attributes of canned Alaska pink salmon with salmon oil'. The presentation was well received and gave me the opportunity to speak informally with many attendees during breaks and social events organized for TAFT attendees.

After the conference I visited the Max Rubner Institut (Federal Research Institute for Nutrition and Food – Department of Safety and Quality of Milk and Fish Products) in Hamburg, Germany. I arrived in Hamburg on 09/20/09, and spent the following three days in the company of Dr. Hartmut Rehbein (Director) and Horst Carl (Senior Researcher).

On Monday (09/21/09) Dr. Rehbein and I visited Baader in Lubeck (about 1.5 hr train ride from Hamburg). This company is one of the world largest manufacturers of fish processing equipment. Baader Manager, Mr. Bernhard Bargmann, was our host for the afternoon and there was ample opportunity to speak about fish processing equipment, novelties and markets.

On Tuesday (09/22/09) Ines Lehmann and Horst Karl brought me to Bremerhaven, on the Northern Coast of Germany. We visited two fish processors. Deutschesee is a processor of high-end fishery products providing many custom orders and white-table cloth restaurant products. Deutschesee also is a large producer of cold smoked salmon products.

We spent most morning visiting the plant and during the afternoon we visited Frozenfish. This company produced high volumes of fish fingers among a few other fishery products. This is a high throughput operation, highly automated and differs quite a bit from the Deutschesee processing plant.

On Wednesday (09/23/09) I spend the whole day at the Max-Rubner and met with many scientists, learned about their research fields, visited laboratories and met with Dr. Rehbein and others to discuss the possibility of developing research in collaboration. Additionally, we spoke about the possibility of conducting research at the Max-Rubner during my sabbatical (not yet scheduled).

I left Hamburg on 09/24/09.

Taking pictures was not allowed at Baader, Deutschesee or Frozenfish.

Overall, this travel had two main goals:

1. Attend a conference, chair a session at the conference and present findings of a research project.
This effort furthers the international visibility and prestige of FITC.

2. Visit Max-Rubner Institut to discuss the possibility of developing research in collaboration and the possibility of them hosting me for a 6-month sabbatical stay.
This effort may lead to grant writing in collaboration with a highly regarded research center in the area of seafood products, and also has solidified the idea that a 6-month sabbatical stay is possible when I request leave with UAF for this purpose.


Date Submitted: 11/06/2009

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