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Castellini in Antarctica

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Dr. Mike Castellini

Mike Castellini's interview with Doug Schneider (Real Audio)

Dr. Mike Castellini, along with three UAF/SFOS graduate students and technicians, have been aboard the research vessel Nathaniel B. Palmer for over a month now, studying seals in a largely unexplored corner of Antarctica. Their research is part of a multi-national study of Antarctic seals sponsored by the National Science Foundation. SFOS/Sea Grant Information Officer Doug Schneider caught up with Mike via satellite phone recently, and offers the following clips of his interview.

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How are things going? (1:06)
What are you studying? (4:16)
More about Antractic seals... (2:30)
Catching seals (6:26)
Exciting seal encounter (1:07)
Unexplored territory (3:19)
Life on the Nathaniel B. Palmer (1:29)
The view from here (2:58)
Like flying in a milk bottle (1:58)
So where do you go from here? (1:01)
Preliminary observations (5:25)
So you want to study in Antarctica?



More on the Castellini expedition...

Castellini group photoThe two poles couldn't be farther apart, so it's no surprise there are many contrasts between the Arctic and the Antarctic. But there are also some similarities, like seal and whale populations that live in both ecosystems. Mike Castellini is a professor of marine biology at the University of Alaska Fairbanks School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences, where he conducts research on marine mammals. But right now he's on the NSF ship Nathaniel B. Palmer off the coast of Antarctica, some 8,500 miles south of Fairbanks. Reporter Theresa Bakker with UAF's KUAC-FM radio spoke to Mike via satellite telephone.

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