University of Alaska Fairbanks  
three photos of: a sea nettle by Stephen Jewett; student Jessica Johnson holding a salmon and urchins, clams, crabs by Bluhm/Gradinger

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Ginny Eckert: MESAS principal investigator
Fisheries Division, School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences, Juneau

Catherine Bradley

Catherine Bradley: MESAS program coordinator
School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences, Fairbanks

Shannon K. Gilmartin

Shannon K. Gilmartin, Ph.D.: external evaluator
Director, SKG Analysis
Consulting associate professor, Stanford University School of Engineering

Steering Committee

William Smoker1
Ginny Eckert1
Keith Criddle1
Gordon Kruse1
Courtney Carothers1
Paula Cullenberg6
Jennifer Reynolds8
Lauren Divine – Student representative
Ben Williams – Student representative

Admissions Committee

Ginny Eckert1
Anne Beaudreau1
Franz Mueter1
Andy Seitz1
Lara Horstmann-Dehn2
Katrin Iken2
Brenda Norcross2
Joshua Greenberg5

Faculty serve depending on availability.

Participating Departments

  1. Fisheries Division, School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences (SFOS), UAF

  2. Institute of Marine Science, SFOS, UAF

  3. Dept. of Anthropology, College of Liberal Arts (CLA), UAF

  4. School of Management, UAF

  5. Dept. of Resources Management, School of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences, UAF

  6. Marine Advisory Program, Alaska Sea Grant, SFOS, UAF

  7. Dept. of Cross Cultural Studies, CLA, UAF

  8. Global Undersea Research Unit, SFOS, UAF

Students of the program can pursue graduate degrees in Anthropology, Fisheries, Marine Biology, Natural Resources and Sustainability, Oceanography or Interdisciplinary Studies. Links to the department web sites and course requirements are found here.

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