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three photos of: a sea nettle by Stephen Jewett; student Jessica Johnson holding a salmon and urchins, clams, crabs by Bluhm/Gradinger

Research and Stewardship Internship

An integral educational component of this program is an 8 to 12 week internship at the end of the first academic year. The Internship is generally completed in the summer and academic credit (Marine Sustainability Internship FISH/MSL/ANTH/NRM 680) is offered in the following fall semester. Students are required to make contact with prospective mentors at partner organizations, at least six months in advance of the internship, and explore opportunities of joint interest to the student and the organization. This experience provides career-development exposure to non-academic careers as well as an experience outside the student’s degree program and is not intended to be an opportunity to collect data for a dissertation. Alaska is rich with ocean-based agencies and organizations that can provide a diversity of experiences. These organizations range from national and state government agencies, industry associations, conservation groups, native organizations, and academic organizations. Each of these organizations is actively pursuing marine ecosystem-based research and/or management. Partner organizations will provide a mentor and space for the intern and a meaningful short-term project that is of utility to the student and the organization. Student stipend and transportation to the internship will be funded by the MESAS IGERT program. Students will be expected to report on their internship projects during the fall retreat.

Summaries of Student Internships

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