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three photos of: a sea nettle by Stephen Jewett; student Jessica Johnson holding a salmon and urchins, clams, crabs by Bluhm/Gradinger

Academic program for a PhD1 student in the MESAS IGERT program
In addition to the MESAS program, students will fulfill the requirements of their degree program in one of the following: Anthropology, Fisheries, Marine Biology, Natural Resources and Sustainability, Oceanography or Interdisciplinary Studies.

Year 1 (IGERT fellowship support)

Year 2 (TA support3)

Year 3 (IGERT fellowship support)

Years 4 and 5 (Fellowship, RA or TA support)

1MS students may take MESAS courses as part of their degree program in a MESAS affiliated department.

2Required Courses. MESAS students are required to take these designated courses. Course requirements are designed so that they may be completed within a single year on campus (Juneau or Fairbanks) with participation in later years possible via distance delivery.

3One year support must be guaranteed by home department. TA could be replaced with RA or fellowship or other funding mutually agreeable to student, mentor, and MESAS.

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