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Public Information Office Resources for Faculty, Staff & Students

This suite of webpages includes resources for SFOS and UAF faculty, staff and students in the following communications areas:

Communication plan

All public information activities are based on the SFOS Communication Plan.The two overarching goals of the SFOS Communication Plan are to increase the visibility of the UAF School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences while simultaneously improving the reputation of the School. All functions of this office are prioritized to best meet these two objectives. The SFOS public information office is also a public information office for UAF and the University of Alaska as a whole, and must work within the guidelines and objectives of the larger institutions.

Initially written in 2006, I revise and update the plan yearly in January based on my interactions with the SFOS dean, directors, faculty, staff and students, and our perception of the successes and shortcomings of the previous year. Each year, we hope to add another successful communications function. For instance, in 2006 we revived the SFOS newsletter and in 2008 we added a semi-annual news postcard to be sent to our newsletter mailing list. In 2009, we added a Year in Review report on the 2008 activities of SFOS.

For some helpful tips about dealing with the media, please see the PIO media resources webpage.


For some of the meetings and events attended by many SFOS faculty, students and staff, see our meetings page. With the goal of spreading the word about SFOS around the nation, I attend some meetings every year. These include the Alaska Marine Science Symposium and some of the American Fisheries Society annual meetings. Katie Murra Straub, the SFOS Recruiting and Retention Coordinator, attends several other meetings and events both in and out-of-state. The SFOS portable display is a large, 10-foot exhibit that is used for recruiting students and spreading the word about SFOS.

Other resources