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Fisheries friday seminars – Spring 2013

These seminars are on Fridays at 3:30 pm, presented in Juneau (Lena Point 101) and Fairbanks (O'Neill 201), and shared by video conference.


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Jordan Watson – NOAA Alaska Fisheries Science Center

"Trade-offs among catch, bycatch, and revenue in the American Samoa longline fishery"


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Phillip Levin – NOAA Northwest Fisheries Science Center

"Moving from ecosystem science to ecosystem management for the oceans"


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Mike Sigler – NOAA Alaska Fisheries Science Center

"Are Bering Sea canyons unique habitats within the eastern Bering Sea?"


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James Estes – UC Santa Cruz

"Conserving the oceans: do big animals matter?"



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Brian Vander Naald – University of Alaska Southeast

"The political economy of land use: a potential application to Alaska’s Prop 2"


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David Beauchamp – University of Washington

"Size-selective mortality, the critical size-critical period hypothesis, and bioenergetics"



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Glenn Merrill – NOAA Alaska Regional Office

"Management of North Pacific fishery resources: a perspective on the interface of science and policy"


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Allison Bidlack – University of Alaska Southeast / Alaska Coastal Rainforest Center

"Intrinsic potential habitat modeling for Chinook salmon in the Copper River watershed, Alaska"



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Carolyn Bergstrom – University of Alaska Southeast

"Color plasticity in sculpins: an adaptive strategy in variable habitats"


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Paul Cowley – South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity

"The role of estuaries in the life of iconic fishery species in South Africa"


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Deborah Hart – Southeast Alaska Fish Habitat Partnership

"Achieving fish habitat conservation in Southeast Alaska through partnership"


  26 AFS Student Symposium  


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Brian Himelbloom – University of Alaska Fairbanks, Kodiak Seafood and Marine Science Center

"Healthy gut microbiome for Teleostei?"