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Climate Change Seminar Series – 2012

These seminars feature guest speakers who explore various aspects of climate change.

The seminars are on Wednesdays at 1:00 pm, presented in Juneau (Lena Point 101) and Fairbanks (O'Neill 201), and shared by video conference.


  5 No class No Seminar – discuss expectations - intros, attendance, grading etc.

document not available 12 Katey Walter‑Anthony

Methane emissions from arctic lakes – the role of permafrost thaw and glacier melt

document not available 19 Kirsty Gurney Environmental variation, resource availability and migratory birds: the importance of knowing when to nest.

document not available 26 Larry Hinzman Climate Change in Northern Regions: What will Happen to Alaska’s Water?


document not available 3 Jessica Cherry Arctic Hydroclimate Monitoring Networks: How Coverage Impacts Our State of Knowledge

document not available 10 Eran Hood Impacts of glacier change on the hydrology and biogeochemistry of SE Alaska ecosystems

document not available 17 Sarah Trainor Climate change adaptation in Alaska: planning, research and action in the face of rapid climate and environmental change

document not available 24 AFS Meeting No class

document not available 31 Torre Jorgenson High vulnerability of the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta to sea-level rise and permafrost degradation


document not available 7 Terry Chapin

Alaskan community adaptation to climate change: An experimental approach

document not available 14 Dave D'Amore
Research Soil Scientist
U.S. Forest Service

Vulnerability and fate of carbon in errestrial and aquatic ecosystems of the North Pacific coastal temperate rainforest

  21 Thanksgiving No class

document not available 28 Michael LeVine Divergent Approaches to Management in Light of Scientific Uncertainty in the Arctic


document not available 5

Ed Farley

Bering Sea pelagic fish: Potential winners and losers in a warming climate

document not available 12 Final Class No seminar - class only - review and discussion, and course evaluations