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Johann Heinrich von Thünen-Institute
Institute of Fisheries Ecology
Wulfsdorfer Weg 204
22926 Ahrensburg
Phone: (49) 4102-70860-16

Nicola Hillgruber Affiliate Faculty

Fisheries Ecology



  • ecology of marine fishes
  • early life history of marine fishes
  • impacts of biotic and abiotic factors on larval and juvenile fish
  • trophic interactions

Research Overview

I am interested in the ecology of marine fishes, primarily in the ecology of their early life stages. High and variable mortality rates during the early life appear to be a major cause for interannual variations in recruitment strength of fish populations. Factors responsible for survival or mortality of early life stages include biotic factors such as prey and predator densities as well as abiotic factors, such as light, temperature, and turbulence. My research interests focus on the impact of these biological and physical factors on condition, growth and, thus, survival of larvae and juveniles of marine fishes.



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