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Department of Arctic and Marine Biology
Faculty for Biosciences, Fisheries and Economics
9037 Tromsø

Phone: () 011 +47 776 4438

Bodil Bluhm Affiliate Faculty

Biological Oceanography • Marine Biology • Marine Invertebrates


  • Benthic and sea ice community ecology and biodiversity
  • Trophic interactions and population dynamics of polar marine invertebrates
  • Arctic ecosystem synthesis
  • Arctic shelf and deep sea habitats


  • M.S. 1997 University of Kiel (Zoology)
  • Ph.D. 2000 Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research (Marine Biology)

Office Hours

Mon, Wed, Fri 10-11 am

Research Overview

I have a strong interest in community ecology, biodiversity and population dynamics of benthic and sea ice-associated fauna. My research also focuses on coupling processes between the benthic, pelagic and sea ice realms in the Arctic through carbon flux and trophic interactions. Moreover, I contribute to Arctic data synthesis efforts and consider it important to aggregate historic data sources and make them available online.

Current Research Projects



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Current graduate committees

Co-Chair. Carlos Serratos – Temporal comparison of epibenthic community and food web structure in the southern Chukchi Sea between 2004‑2012 (M.S. Marine Biology, 2012‑present)

Co-Chair. Kyle Dilliplaine – Effects of Oil Entrainment and Migration in Sea Ice on Brine Channel Inhabiting Biota (M.S. Marine Biology, 2013‑present)

Committee member. Lauren Bell – Lower trophic level food web structure on the eastern Beaufort Sea slope (M.S. Marine Biology, 2012‑present)

Committee member. Lauren Divine– Snow crab (Chionoecetes opilio) trophic dynamics and stock characteristics in the US Arctic (Ph.D. Marine Biology, 2011‑present)

Committee member. Marissa Hajduk – An investigaton of meiofauna in the Chukchi Sea (M.S. Marine Biology) (2011‑present)

Committee member. Alexandra Ravelo – Epibenthic community variability in the northeastern Chukchi and central Beaufort Sea continental shelf (PhD Marine Biology, 2011‑present)

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